Team Top Chef

Ep 1: ...Literally. In the season premiere, the Masters jump out of planes!

on Jul 25, 2013

Finally, we have our last group of the challenge -- the largest group of Odette, who I realy hope to hear yell in Italian, Jennifer, Douglas, Neal, who looks like someone I just haven't put my finger on yet, and Richard. Although Doug wanted to impress, despite his immunity, his many and varied Japanese ingredients got lost. It was a visually stunning dish. Richard admits his beef isn't cut thinly enough, but that may be the least of the dish's problems. Jennifer's meat causes James and Gail to flail their arms about in, well, um... watch:

Aw, Curtis. Don't be shy. (And Gail and James don't kill me for having this .gif created! It's too good!)

Anywaaay, (seriously, don't kill me Gail and James!), Neal incorporated his many sous chef-provided ingredients well and lands on top. As does Odette with her chilled lamb. 

So, Odette, Bryan, and Neal face the critics... on top! Odette wins $10K for her charity!

It's Herb, Richard, and David's turn to face the critics, and while all the dishes had their faults, Herb was the only one who didn't present a complete dish. He did go out with a lot of class, though, falling on his sword. I spoke with Herb at the premiere party, and he said he'd like to compete again. I echo James' sentiment in saying that I'd love to see what he can do!

It's time to watch the next ep of Battle of the Sous Chefs to see who will get advantages or disadvantages in the next challenge. So, watch HERE.

Next week, Kathy Lee Gifford is guest-judging. And, no, it's not a wine challenge.

See you all then!

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