The Patriot's Game

While cheftestants compete in our nation's capital, challenge your party guests to play with their red, white, and blue food.


Playing with food -- an all-American tradition since the invention of the high chair -- doesn't have to be kids stuff. Either before or after you watch the latest episode of Top Chef (10/9c) at your viewing party, get into the patriotic spirit of the D.C. season by challenging your party guests to this red, white, and blue test of dexterity.

Two large bowls (Preferably glass or see-through plastic)
6 smaller bowls (preferably glass or see-through plastic)
Equal quantities of red, white, and blue foods. Suggestions:

Mix red, white and blue foods into the two large bowls.
Set three smaller empty bowls next to each of the two larger bowls.

Select two competitors. Give the players three minutes to divide the red white and blue foods into separate bowls. The person who gets the most food into each bowl is the winner.

As everyone watches, ask the competitors to wash and thoroughly dry their hands before they play. Then most people will be willing to eat the leftovers when the game is finished!