Team Top Chef

30 Rock that is.'s Editor talks Today Show and Long Island bagels.

Dec 3, 2008

Hello my little salt and pepper shakers. (Sorry -- that's a nod to the uproar over Whitney Pastorek's The Office recaps over at She refers to the readers as her little binder clips. They hate it, but us bloggers need to stick together.) Anyway, back to the show.

On this week's episode, the chefs were greeted by the very handsome (yes -- he's even better looking in real life) Rocco DiSpirito. The chefs were asked to create a breakfast amuse bouche. I, like Jamie, am not a breakfast person (although I do like breakfast at dinnertime) and basically grew up on Long Island bagels (they're the best -- take THAT Brooklyn!) so I probably would have been at a loss during this challenge. Although come to think of it, maybe a play on a bagel bite could have been cute ... with bacon. Cause like the Top Chef judges ... and the Foo Fighters ... and Ms. Lee Anne Wong ... Rocco DiSpirito loves him some bacon.

It looked like most of the chefs made the same mistake that the chefs make every year -- they just make their amuse-bouche way too big. Jamie definitely got points in my book for being different, but Leah was the obvious winner, as she was seemingly one of maybe two people that actually made the correct portion size. And I know I have mixed these two up almost every week in this blog, and I'm sorry. They don't even look alike -- I have no idea what it is. And I mixed up Alex and Eugene last week, who look nothing alike either. So, again, I apologize.