Team Top Chef

30 Rock that is.'s Editor talks Today Show and Long Island bagels.

Dec 3, 2008

And then there was Alex -- he knew he made a bad call, so it seemed like a fairly obvious choice for him to go. I know he was trying to be different, and I applaud him, but I don't find anything too unique about a creme brulee. He could have made a quick, easy, and "different" dessert if he wanted. And then there were the top choices: Ariane, who made a smart move and used fresh, local ingredients -- something the chefs usually favor -- and will be appearing on the Today show (in the building next to mine) tomorrow morning. Jeff, who had to handle Kathy Lee's over-the-top spitting out of his food (Could it have really been THAT bad?!) And Fabio who honestly didn't leave much of an impression on me this week.

What did leave an impression is the weirdness that is Leah and Hosea. I actually think they're kinda cute, but I actually can't answer the question of why we're relegating that story line to commercial breaks. Maybe we're trying to keep the bulk of the show about the food? I will get to the bottom of it -- don't you worry.

Before I go I want to say "Hi!" to all the current and former Rochesterians reading this. And I want to thank you all for your corrections, and to "Marj" for the Hedgedorn's correction. I'll have to check the place out next time I'm up there.

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Until next week where we get to "attend" Gail's bridal shower!

- Monica A. Reyhani