Team Top Chef's Editor wants to know what you think about the new chef'testants.

Oct 15, 20080

Hi Top Chef fans and foodies! It's so good to be back blogging for you guys. First things first: Um, who am I? Well, last season I went by the moniker "Superfan," but now I can finally reveal my identity. Wait for it. Wait for it. My name is Monica Reyhani and I'm part of the Editorial team here at Hopefully this little revelation will make this blog a bit more personal for you and will let you know that if you have any suggestions or want to see something on the site that you're not, someone who works here is actually listening.

Second, I want to apologize for not blogging since the end of last season. While I had every intention of blogging regularly, well, shows happen. Runway happens. Real Housewives happens. Rachel Zoe happens. And I just didn't have the extra time. But I'm back! I'm going to make this first entry brief because I really just want to get your first impression of the cast. In future blogs I will tell you about finally making the trip to wd~50 for the tasting menu. Seeing Tom Colicchio sing live at a food festival event. And, well, my my birthday brunch at Harold Dieterle's Perilla.

But for now I want to hear your thoughts about the newest batch of contestants and I want to hear early predictions! Who do you think will be Top Chef? It's never too early to guess. Also check out all of our Countdown to Premiere galleries. We have some great video clips of the contestants and judges answering hard-hitting questions like "What gives you a culinary boner?" (Tom spit out his water when we asked that) and loads more.

So leave comments, questions, and things you want to see on the site for the upcoming season. I'll try to make them happen. I've only watched the first few minutes of the first episode so far, but I got the chills when the Top Chef theme song came on. (I know I'm a dork.) But I know we're in for a good season, so stay tuned!

- Monica A. Reyhani


I think the judges were crazy to send Mattin home. He is, I'm sure not the best chef there, but, by far better than Robin. She has shown noting but disappointment during this season. He, on the other hand, has made some great dishes. He had only been in the bottom 3 once before this. How about you guys start doing blind tasting, which I have suggested in the past as well. I am just astonished you kept Robin, just so you can send her home on the next episode or so, when he would have, I'm sure put out some more great food for you. It makes me really upset, because this also makes the other chefs a little lazy, because I'm sure they will be thinking, "Ok, we know Robin is going home next time, so our dish doesn't have to be all that great this time." Not all the chefs are thinking this, but you know some are. So, as we all know, Goodbye Robin on the next episode or so. Ugh!