Team Top Chef's Editor gives her take on the premiere of her favorite show.

Nov 12, 2008

Anyway, I know this season's cheftestants on a bit of a very different level as I've met and interviewed all of them in person, but based merely on the show itself, I kind of love Stefan and Fabio. Are they obnoxious? Yes. Are they talented? Definitely. This shouldn't come as a surprise since Marcel and Hung were my favorites too. The Team Euro vs. America situation that is forming between the two and the others is really socially interesting. Poor Joey, ahem, I mean Danny. Danny is so sweet in "real life." And what a social butterfly! At the VIP lounge before the launch tasting event at Grand Central a few weeks ago, he went up to everyone and introduced himself to complete strangers. I'm also probably biased being from Long Island. I've never eaten at the Babylon Carriage House, but I unfortunately don't go to a lot of non-chain restaurants at home. It's officially on my list. Also, love Lil Pat. No joke -- my best friend just texted me during the show "I want to eat little pat pat up!" Were you guys sad to see him go so soon? He's got a lot of years ahead of him, so I think he'll be OK. I dont want to go into too much more detail abut the chefs because i REALLY want to hear what you guys think. So, leave any and all comments below. Also, i want to remind you all to sign up for the Top Chef Fantasy Game and please let me know if you run across any bugs because we realy want to make the experience the best it can be for you. Until next week, Monica A. Reyhani