Team Top Chef's Editor answers your questions and tells you what to order during your next meal at Dos Caminos.

Apr 2, 20080

Onto the Elimination Challenge. The chefs were asked to choose their favorite movies. When I heard their choices, I was all "Huh?" Now maybe you can't really pick your absolute favorite movie because you cant' think of a food tie-in (or it's pornography, ahem), but let's be real, I think Harold hit it on the nose when he says in his blog, "I don't really know anyone whose favorite movie is Good Morning, Vietnam." We polled around the office, and a couple of us thought Overboard with Goldie Hawn could have been really funny. They could have made a trio that progressed from haute cuisine to comfort food. (You can vote for it in this week's Foodie Poll!)


It seemed like most of the teams worked backwards, choosing what food they'd like to cook before choosing the film. How sad was it to watch Mark trying to think of the films Ryan was suggesting? I just wanted to yell, "Stop yelling at Mark -- he's adorable!" I gotta say, though, I would eat that quail spring roll in a heartbeat! Again, Lisa and Antonia looked like strong, but quiet, contenders as members of their respective teams, and I think it'll be interesting to see how far they both make it in the competition.