Team Top Chef's Editor answers your questions and tells you what to order during your next meal at Dos Caminos.

Apr 2, 2008


And what about Richard, Andrew, and Dale? I literally said, "Wow -- what a Dream Team" to my TV screen. I think the only thing that could've gotten in their way was a clash of personalities or stubbornness. Thankfully none of them let that happen. Now I've been pretty open about my irrational affinity for Andrew (although his Oompa Loompa impression this week left a bad taste in my mouth), but I can't even tell you how many comments we got this past week asking a)whether Andrew is on something or b) if he probably should be. All I can say is, I would hate to see what you guys would say about us editors at around 4 p.m. each day, after some serious exhaustion and caffeine intake. It happens every day, but there's a point where I'll just start singing the theme song to The Golden Girls, and well, you know I've officially cracked. Moving on.

So, the Dream Team wins, impressing Daniel Bouloud, and guest eaters Richard Roeper and Aisha Tyler. Padma told us Ms. Tyler was super-nice -- something we always like to hear about our guests. I don't much care for salmon, unless it's on my bagel with scallion cream cheese, or in my sushi, but the Willy Wonka-inspired dish sounded interesting. And I was pretty happy to see the team use chocolate in a savory dish. This is the perfect time to plug our Bravo For Foodies Chocolate blog. This week our chocolate expert, Clay Gordon (seriously the man knows more about chocolate than one can imagine), talks about what beers to pair with your chocolate. Um, count me in!

I was pretty annoyed with the conversation happening in the stew room over the winning dish, though, particularly with Zoi's comments about knowing that the dish couldn't have taste good. Cause guess what? They didn't try it, and I wouldn't argue too much with Daniel Boulud's palate, would you?

And if the judges seemed nitpicky about the colors of dishes and things, I gotta say that's a good sign. It shows how high the quality of the top dishes were, and, well, they have to pick a winner. So, everything counts.