Team Top Chef's Editor answers your questions and tells you what to order during your next meal at Dos Caminos.

Apr 2, 2008


As for Spike and Manuel's dish, it was kind of sad. I felt bad for Manuel because he seemed like a really gentle guy (Did you notice he didn't open his mouth when the other chefs were bashing team Wonka?). Also, i don't know how many of you have frequented Dos Caminos, but you must order the street corn. (I'm full of tips today!) Alas, breaking one of the Top Chef Commandments, he didn't speak up. And so Manuel went home.

Next week's guest judge is Ming Tsai, and he's, well, dreamy. And I can't wait. Now onto a few of your questions:

"jcb" wrote:
"Sooooo...what you are saying is that the royal "we" does not apply and a different staff person writes this blog every week. Or, explain please how one writes a blog by committee. ..."

Well, I do have to apologize for being so unclear, which I was. Every other blog on our site is written in the royal "we." However, this blog will be written by one editor -- me -- every week, so I'm sticking to the first-person. You can call me "superfan." (Everyone else does.) I really hope I've cleared that up.

The next biggest question is when Top Chef is coming out on DVD -- trust me I want to relive Harold's glory just as much as the next fan. I'll ask around and see what I can dig up.

And the cursing? Well I responded to that last week, and Dale addresses it this week in our new Burning Questions blog, where we will interview the winning and losing chefs each week.

Finally, I just want to thank everyone who commented -- I appreciate the compliments and criticism. And even if I didn't shout out your comment here, that doesn't mean I'm not addressing them around the office. So, keep posting.

Anyway, let me know what you thought of this week's episode, which movie you would have chosen, and if you've made any of the recipes from this season yet.

Until next week,