Team Top Chef

Forget the dishes —'s Editor focuses on the feistiness of the chefs.

Mar 25, 2008

Welcome back, Top Chef fans! I got a few inquires last week basically asking, um, who I was. To steal an explanation from our Team Project Runway blog:

"We're the people who read your comments every day, who alert our bosses when you're looking for a recipe or more information about what happened to Jo on "The Real Housewives" - we're the people who make this website. Sometimes we do interviews with talent."

This time, we decided to make this blog a little more personal, so "we" became "I," and here we, er, I am. Now onto the show: ted_403_02_320x240.jpg

The Quickfire Challenge called for the chefs to create an upscale taco. And first I just want to say that watching this episode made me crave Mexican food so badly I had to have some tacos last night. Seriously, Mexican food is one of those cravings that just doesn't go away until you nip it in the bud. Anyway, so the chefs have to create an upscale taco for Rick Bayless (Read our Q+A with the chef), and I'm kinda thinking an upscale taco is basically the same thing as a street taco, but about five times the price. But apparently it's actually different. I thought Spike, despite his ever-increasing annoying attitude maybe had the right idea -- create the perfect street taco. Because what's more upscale than creating something really "street," but done well? But then I realized that maybe I hang out on the Lower East Side too much where everything old is new. Two peeps that got it right were Richard, and Andrew -- my two faves. Richard won the challenge by creating his taco shell out of jicama. Andrew used luxurious duck meat to pimp his taco out. Chef Bayless told me that Richard's taco will be rolled out after the show premieres. I plan to eat at Topolobampo when I head to Chicago in May, so I'm pretty excited, and hopefully I'll be able to try Richard's taco for myself!