Team Top Chef Editor defends Ariane's elimination.

Jan 14, 2009

Oh Fabio. Wiser words have never been spoken ...

Anyway, I read your comments. I know how many of you want a vegetarian challenge, so when I saw this episode all I could think was "Yikes!" Did anyone else think they were actually going to have to kill the animals themselves? Cause I was kind of nervous that that would be the case. I gotta say, though, that I think the lesson learned, my little farmhands, was that all animals' lives are precious, and if you're going to eat them, respect the meat. And unfortunately, Ariane's team didn't do that.

Let's go back a sec to the Quickfire, which brought back one of my all-time favorite Top Chef contestants, Hung Hunyh, who is still working at Solo in the City. (I have to make a reservation soon!) Fabio wasn't wrong to assume there was an aquarium under the white tablecloth, but imagine if Padma had knocked it over during the reveal? Yikes again! Instead of little fishies however there were canned goods, or as Jeff would call it "garbage." Obviously canned food isn't ideal, but, well, I love me some Hormel chili. Add about a bag of shredded cheddar cheese and I'm in heaven. As Hung was apparently our fastest Top Chef ever, the chefs had only 15 minutes to create a dish out of the canned goods. We had this challenge in Season 2 (Remember when Mia won by simply adding mint to a salad?), but a lot of the chefs missed the mark this time around. Basically, you can't eat this stuff naked because they're not good ingredients. You have to do SOMETHING, whether it be season, marinate, or fry to get the can taste to go away. I was surprised that Jeff's fried conch came out so well because I didn't even know you get conch in a can! And I guess Hung likes pork rinds. I think I would too, but I just can't bring myself to try them. The pork rinds weren't good enough to battle the Betty Fraser combo of a grilled sandwich and soup that Stefan made. So, Stefan won immunity.