Team Top Chef Editor defends Ariane's elimination.

Jan 14, 2009

While Toby might have been a little harsh declaring she couldn't cook, his delivery was priceless, and I laughed out loud. Hopefully you guys found him a little more natural this episode as I did. (Although the comment about a good piece of meat and sex? TMI!!!) Um, and also, did Leah really whisper something to Hosea in the stew room?!? Why didn't she just pass a note in the shape of a paper football?

Overall, I really liked the way this episode was set up, and, um, OK I'll say it Toby's kind of sexy. (She says meekly.) Did you see him pour the water for Padma? (Oh geez -- did I just say that?) PLEASE let me know if you agree; i'm sure you will if you don't.

Next week is RESTAURANT WARS!!! I can't wait!

Until then,
Monica A. Reyhani

P.S. Was Carla's "Hoo hoo" a variation of "Hootie Hoo?"