Team Top Chef's Editor swoons over Johnny Iuzzini and Harold Dieterle, and responds to reader comments.

Apr 23, 2008

They break up into pairs and get started on their what can only be called acid trip-inspirations. My favorite team? Andrew and Spike. They're pretty much insane, but Andrew has so much passion for cooking and food it's endearing. Although, putting the vanilla beans in your armpits? Even my blind-love couldn't explain that one away.

Then, another twist -- no Robo Coupes! No Robo Coupes! No Robo Coupes! This is, apparently, a big deal. For those of you, like me, who were all "What the chef is a Robo Coupe?" Well, here ya go: But the chefs rose to the challenge and roughed it.

Onto the meal. "Soup's Down. Thumbs Up!" Yay, indeed. Meanwhile, a commenter brought up the point that Padma used to say "Utensils down, hands up" (which has been rectified.) But seriously how funny would that be -- if say, Amelia Bedelia was one of the cheftestants? Utensils everywhere!

The Second City players were a welcome addition to the table -- I particularly loved Rob Janas, who we had the pleasure of getting a blog from this week. It's hilarious as you would expect. He admits to having a man-crush on Tom Colicchio, which we just call a crush around here.