Team Top Chef

The chefs cook in Tom Colicchio's kitchen, and's Editor prefers kosher hot dogs.

Nov 19, 2008

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to create a three-course New American Cuisine menu. I honestly have no idea what New American Cuisine means (and maybe the chefs didn't either), so that's where I urge you to read Tom's Blog to get clued in. The chefs were left to their own devices to break up into the three courses. Thankfully Jeff and his sideburns organized everyone accordingly. What was interesting was that there didn't seem to be a shortage of chefs who wanted to make desserts. Basically, most of the chefs did horribly, which I hate to see. It's not that I care about them so much that I want them to succeed, but rather as a viewer, it's much more entertaining to watch chefs create amazing food. The two biggest standouts for me were obviously Fabio's (the winner) and Jamie's. Jamie's soup reminded me of Ilan's roasted corn dish in the TGI Friday's challenge from Season 2. They're not remotely similar, but I think the judges might like corn almost as much as they like bacon. We'll have to see if that theory holds any water.

Most of the other dishes looked pretty unappetizing, but let's focus on Ariane's and Jill's. Ariane really got saved again -- she needs to start listening to what people tell her BEFORE she serves her food. Padma actually spit out her food! That was supposedly a Top Chef first. And honestly I can't remember when that's happened before, so, yeah, that's pretty bad. And then there was Jill. Oh Jill. Just using an ostrich egg doesn't work if no one knows you used it without reading it on a menu. I wonder if she would've gotten more props for the out-of-the-ordinary ingredient if she had incorporated it into the presentation somehow, but with so many diners, I guess that wouldn't have worked. Honestly, ostriches scare me. And the thought of eating one of their byproducts scares me too. And although I agree with Gail's comments about Jill's defense being lame, she could not have seemed more nervous. Anyway, sweet Jill goes home. She did pretty good work last episode, but although the judges liked her Rastafarian-themed dish, I thought the colors were a bit cheesy. I'm just happy Hosea's poor crab decision didn't get him sent home. He's quickly becoming one of my favorites. (So hands off Leah!)