Team Top Chef

The chefs cook in Tom Colicchio's kitchen, and's Editor prefers kosher hot dogs.

Nov 19, 2008

On a non-episode front, I got to spend some time today with some previous Top Chefs -- Stephanie, Hung, Richard, Dale Levitski, Antonia, CJ, and Lee Anne -- at the French Culinary Institute as they prepared for a private dinner tomorrow at the James Beard House. We will have video from the prep kitchen soon where they told me what they've been up to and their plans for Thanksgiving, so check back on the site for that.

I think that's all for now, but leave comments and questions, and I will try to answer as well as I can.

Until next week, Monica A. Reyhani

P.S. If Fabio made that Mario Brothers reference one more time ... (I kid. I kid.) P.P.S. I grew up writing "G-d" because it's what I learned in Hebrew school. It is not a bad word, so feel free to use it at will.