Team Top Chef's Editor loves molecular gastronomy and its practitioners. And she's not afraid to admit it.

Mar 19, 2008


Another season of Top Chef. I honestly could not be more excited and have to apologize for not blogging the premiere -- it was a little crazy around here getting this site to you guys, and well, something had to give. So, I will talk about the premiere right quick and then move onto to tonight's episode -- "Zoo Food."

First let me preface that although I obviously enjoy every show on Bravo (and I'm being totally genuine), I have a special affinity for Top Chef. My nickname around here may or may not be "Superfan," and it's a nickname I wear with pride. I'm a foodie wannabe and I'm not ashamed to admit it, so I'll take any tips you guys want to give me. I welcome them. (I'm actually going to Chicago for the first time in May, so I will take any suggestions I can get.)