Team Top Chef

This episode involved two of's Editor's least favorite things &emdash; beer and football, but she has lots to say about it anyway.

Apr 16, 2008

A few things I want to get your take on:

1. Are we liking Dale more and more with each episode? Besides the fact that he responds with his Burning Questions answers in a timely manner (which may not matter to you, but is HUGE for me), he's pretty talented and logical -- my favorite combo. Although the crazy gals at Amuse-Biatch are so on point with THIS that I can't even deny it.

2. Did anyone else giggle when Lisa was beating her meat? (Yes -- I'm 12 years old.)

3. Does Ryan remind anyone else of Rocco? Charismatic, very handsome .... Maybe just me.

4. What is with chefs and hats? Spike ... Tom ... Paul Kahan .... I'm thinking they're just used to having something on their heads in the kitchen -- anyone care to try to explain?

5. Did you guys see the new promos for our A-List Awards? I got excited and I work here! It's gonna be nuts.

That's all I got this week. Leave me comments -- it really does brighten up my hectic day. Also, keep leaving suggestions.

- "superfan"