Team Top Chef's Editor thought the Harlem Gospel Choir thing was awkward, Gene was icky, and Michelle Bernstein is super nice.

Dec 18, 20080

Overall, nothing really stood out in my mind. I actually don't really like the catering challenges because I can never really remember what anyone made, and the food is never spectacular. Even Stefan's dish, which was supposedly good, didn't appeal to me -- I've never been a fan of pot pie.

What DID stand out was the decision to not let anyone go and Tom's little talk. Lee Anne reveals in her blog that they couldn't really eliminate anyone because they weren't all working with the same level of ingredients due to the refrigeration issue. OK -- I'll buy that. But I have to say, it looked like Gene was definitely going home. Although it's questionable whether or not he had the worst food, an "unwilling to change" comment is usually the kiss of death.

Tom's little pep talk with the judges in the stew room made me a little sad, but I'm glad he did it. Hopefully we'll see better food in upcoming episodes ... aaand a little less lip from Leah.

The next new episode is January 7th, and two chefs get eliminated! Who do you think they'll be?

Until next time, have a wonderful holiday (whichever you may celebrate), and a happy new year.

"See" you in 2009!

- Monica A. Reyhani