Which Hotel Would Anthony Bourdain Live in Forever?

"It’s the sort of place where, if you forget to put your pants on... nobody’s going to care.”

Anthony Bourdain has been everywhere — specifically, to 75 countries around the world — and stayed in all kinds of lodgings. But if he had to pick just one to live in for the rest of his life, he'd pick a high-end hotel in Los Angeles, which is shrouded in as much lore as it has celebrity guests.

"I would not feel cheated by life if I died in Chateau Marmont, in Los Angeles," he told Travel + Leisure as part of an interview about his latest book, the graphic novel Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi. "I love that hotel above all others. It’s an organic entity — not like a chain or even a building — like a friendly version of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining in the sense that it has a heart and a soul."

Tucked into the West Hollywood hills, Chateau Marmont has 63 rooms, cottages, and bungalows, which each have full kitchens, sitting areas or living rooms, and some have formal dining rooms, balconies, and private terraces.

And indeed Bourdain said it just feels like home — if your home is a fancy if understated L.A. star hideaway. "I feel like I’m staying with family every time I go," he said. "It’s the sort of place where, if you forget to put your pants on and walk down to the lobby in your pajamas, nobody’s going to care.” 

While he'd be happy enough to live at the Chateau in L.A., he cites Tokyo as the one city on earth where he'd love to be alone, sans cameras. "Tokyo is very exciting alone. It’s intimidating, but thrilling. Every time you need to feed yourself at a restaurant you’re taking the plunge, stepping through the curtains into a room filled with locals, menus in Japanese, feeling awkward and freakish — the tallest guy in the room — having no clue what it is that they’re serving. That’s thrilling to me, absolutely," he said. "When you finally get to the point when you can order breakfast at a restaurant? That’s a great feeling of accomplishment. That’s what I love about Tokyo. You’re forced to learn stuff every inch of the way.”

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