Anthony Bourdain Calls This Weird, Creepy Object His Most Treasured Travel Souvenir

It was actually a gift from "a legend," according to the Parts Unknown star.

Anthony Bourdain is selective about acquiring too many souvenirs while on the road, but the jet-setting Parts Unknown star and chef does have a collection of treasured trinkets. Some are stranger than others.

“Probably my most treasured was a bronze head of a deer that Marco Pierre White shot, and when we went hunting together, he couldn't wait for the deer that I shot to be prepared, so he gave me one of his," he told Bon Appétit. "It's on a stand that says ‘shot by Marco Pierre White, on such-and-such date and such-and-such place.’"

White is one of his culinary superheroes: Bourdain calls him "the chef we all wanted to be when I was coming up as a young cook and wannabe chef." He also calls him "a legend" in the notes for the episode of Parts Unknown he shot with White in London. "To see him at rest, surrounding himself with beautiful things, in the countryside he has always felt strongly connected to, went a long way towards reassuring me that there are happy endings," he wrote.

Chef White loves to utilize deer meat in the kitchen and has recently shared recipes for venison pie, tartare, and roasted loin for those looking for ideas for what to do with the fruits of their hunting efforts, other than bronze it.

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