Anthony Bourdain Turns Fury on Hillary Clinton for "Shameless" Response to Harvey Weinstein Allegations

He claims someone who's "not stupid" should know better.

As is typical for the straight-talking chef, Anthony Bourdain is not holding back when it comes to the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein. When his girlfriend Asia Argento came out among the accusers, he took to Twitter to fiercely defend her — and also to direct intense public ire at Weinstein, whom he called a "predator" and a "pimp."

And now, Bourdain has some strong words on the matter directed at another, more unexpected target: Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, who had received political donations from the Hollywood mogul, came out with a response that Bourdain deemed too tepid to be acceptable. She appeared on Fareed Zakaria's CNN show to say that she was "shocked" and "appalled," to see this "different side" of a person she felt she'd known. And while it wouldn't be possible to return the money, she said, she would donate it to charity as others in similar positions have pledged to do.

Bourdain wanted more from her — and called her response "shameful in its deflection and disingenuousness."

He qualified the statement with some praise for Clinton's overall character — which is why he said he expected more from her.

That said, he felt her response willfully and conveniently glossed over what had been simmering for decades.

It's because of the very fact that Bourdain likes (liked) and respects (respected) Clinton that he was so disappointed.

Just as a matter of clarification, Bourdain made it known he's not changing his political affiliation — no way.

Over the course of numerous tweets, Bourdain did walk back his intensity slightly.

And he added a note about the reason why he's so passionate about the topic:

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