We Can Add One More Badass Skill to Anthony Bourdain's Resume

#TopChef's Sheldon Simeon dishes on his Hawaiian adventure with the superstar chef.

When Top Chef's Sheldon Simeon isn't appearing on cooking shows, there's one TV personality whose charisma, cool, and culinary skills absolutely captivates him: Anthony Bourdain. "I love Anthony Bourdain. I actually got to spend time with him and eat SPAM together, drink coffee out in Maui," Sheldon told The Feast about meeting the superstar chef and author on his CNN series Parts Unknown. "We went hunting, but we didn't catch anything, so it didn't make the cut."

Sheldon appeared in a 2015 episode of the tasty travel series set in the cheftestant's home state of Hawaii. He helped prepare a festive meal at the Maui home of legendary talent manager Shep Gordon, who invited his whole ohana, or extended family, over for dinner. Anthony uttered the words, "There is no party without SPAM," and we know that no truer statement has ever existed for Sheldon.

Things even got a little hardcore for Anthony while in paradise. "Every day he would go to Haiku, which is in the boonies, and train jiu-jitsu. Every day, we'd do our shoots and whatever, but after that, first thing in the morning or late at night, he'd go train jiu-jitsu with the boys," Sheldon recalled. "And it's funny, because I would get a text message from one of my friends and said, 'Hey, I tapped out Anthony Bourdain.' That guy's a badass."

Anthony was once married to mixed martial artist Ottavia Busia, after all.

Though it sounds like he could use some practice in the jiu-jitsu department, Anthony is still one of Sheldon's idols. "That guy is amazing," he gushed. "To be on that level and out there in front of so many people but still down-to-earth, that's definitely how I want to be, something I aspire to be."

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