Anthony Bourdain Would Consider Going Vegetarian in Just This One Place on Earth

"I have been said, frequently, to 'hate' [vegetarians]."

Well-known fearless globe trotter and meat eater Anthony Bourdain isn't exactly a candidate for going vegetarian. Or is he?

Well, there's one place on earth in which he says he might be up for the challenge of rethinking his animal-based diet — OK, at least for a week.

Where could that magical place be? It's India.

In an interview with Vogue India, Bourdain said, "I’ve made much fun of vegetarians over the years and have been said, frequently, to 'hate' them. This is not true. But I am dismissive and (sometimes) contemptuous of food that is made with a narrow world view as its first priority."

He says India isn't like that at all. "This is not the case in India, one of the few places on earth, where eating vegetarian is not a burden," he says. "In Punjab, wildly varying textures, huge selections, thrilling blends of spices and assertive, delicious flavors are always accompanied by wonderful, freshly-made breads.”

Yes, you read that right — Bourdain called India's vegetarian food downright "thrilling." And that's the highest praise coming from the carnivorous TV personality.

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