Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain defends the elimination of Tre.

on Aug 22, 2007

By the time the smoke cleared and the blood and hair had been hosed off the walls, Tre's stats for the evening were:

1 horrible dish (the beet-cured salmon with pesto)

1 screwed up dessert (the unpeeled, undercooked bread pudding)

1 not terribly inspired or interesting dish (the gorgo-mushroom filet)

1 good dish (the scallop)

If you're the chef of an expensive new restaurant in New York City with aspirations for three stars -- and that's your batting average at the end of even one important food critic's meal? You may as well shut your doors. For the many who, like me, found themselves depressed by Tre's exit, console yourself with the certain knowledge that of almost all the Top Chef contestants, past and present, few are as well suited for the real business of being a "top chef". He has the character. He has the skills. He lacks only, perhaps, the inspiration. And he is well on his way in that department. Last I heard, Tre was trailing at some excellent NYC restaurants. He keeps that up, he shall surely, someday, rule the world.