Anthony Bourdain's iPhone Is a Testament to His Insane Travel Adventures

Remember, we're talking about the guy who kicked it with President Obama over beers in Vietnam.

Anthony Bourdain, who is getting ready to launch the eighth season of his show Parts Unknown on CNN, is well known for his fearless jet setting. As you might imagine, he travels with a device — his trusty iPhone — that has become a testament to some of his wildest adventures around the globe — not to mention to the sheer volume of them.

He recently revealed to the Wall Street Journal what’s on his iPhone, and the contents tell lots of truly thrilling travel tales.

For one thing, he has — wait for it — 11 cities listed in his weather app and world clock app! They are New York; Chengdu, China; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Hanoi, Vietnam; Nashville, Tennessee; Charleston, South Carolina; San Francisco; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Beirut; Hue, Vietnam; and Rome.

Bourdain also told the WSJ that the craziest place he ever left his phone was “a karaoke club in Seoul, South Korea!”

On a practical note, he said his most favorite apps related to traveling are Flight Tracker, Google Maps, iTunes, Netflix, and Uber.

But can we talk about his Instagram feed for a minute? His most-liked photo is an image that pretty much beats anybody’s random selfies or beach scenes. “Me having bun cha and beer with President Obama in a family-run restaurant in Hanoi,” he said. Yup, you win, Bourdain. (It has 179,000 likes.)

The President's chopstick skills are on point . #buncha #hanoi

A photo posted by anthonybourdain (@anthonybourdain) on

For the record, he said, “The previous record holder was a shot of an In-N-Out burger.”

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