This Facebook Post Claimed to Offer a "Brilliant" PB&J Sandwich Hack — But Ruthless Commenters Called BS

Was there even a problem to solve?

No matter how you slice it, so-called life hacks sourced from the Internet have gotten a little out of control. Sure there are some useful ones (who knew you could use toothpaste to effectively clean your car's headlights, for example?) but for every good one, there are a bunch of duds that are more work than they're worth.

The same, of course, same goes for "food hacks," that claim to make recipes simpler, easier, or more time efficient. There are great ones for sure — like that whole peeling a hard boiled egg in Tupperware idea, but there are also some stinkers. And when people see a garbage hack, they aren't afraid to call it out.

Food Network recently found this out the hard way when they posted a video to their Facebook page purporting to be a "hack" for making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If your gut reaction is to wonder if PB&J making really need a a hack — well, you certainly aren't alone. The tip instructs hackers to scoop globs of peanut butter onto wax paper, flatten it with a rolling pin, and then stack it in the freezer. After several hours you've got yourself a "slice" of peanut butter than can be easily stacked onto the next PB&J you create.

It didn't go well.

The problem? Scooping, spooning, flattening, and freezing for several hours is a whole lot more work than just spreading peanut butter onto bread. And the commenters on Food Network's video seemed to agree.

Yeesh. Tough crowd. But you can't really blame them if they only want hacks for problems that actually need solving.

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