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Bethenny Frankel opens up about her crush on Dale.

on May 22, 2008

Dale, my favorite, held it down. He is scrappy too. His language and anger show that it he can always stand the heat in the kitchen.

Antonia broke it down and won the challenge. I have to give her props. I would have done well here. A foam mousse not so much. A good ham and egg sandwich. I'm down.

Team Warehouse aka team gastro pub consists of Antonia, Richard, and Stephanie. Nice team. Shocker: Richard wants to do fine dining.

Another shocker: Dale is doing Asian. Team Asian: Dale, Lisa, and Spike. Fireworks are bound to happen with this crew.

I have to give it to Team Warehouse. They chose a daring menu that I may not be able to pull off. Leave it to Richard. Always taking chances. That is definitely what being a chef is about. I criticize Richard about his often irritating renditions of things, but when push comes to shove, he never avoids pushing the envelope and being innovative.

Choosing Asian for Dale was really weak especially on the task where he really needed to rise above the rest.

He did take chances with the choices of his Asian menu, but they were just plain bizarre. Butterscotch scallops sound horrendous. Scallops are a delicate food that need so little manipulation. Weighing them down and making them an ice cream topping is not a good idea. They are done best when seared on the outside, light on the inside with a nice delicate sauce. Not a fan there.

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Can you not get the rice right? Lisa messed up on the rice last week when she couldn't keep her eyes on it. I'm being harsh, but ironically it is always the simplest things that we screw up. I could sooner make a Grand Marnier souffle than not burn a piece of toast. However, she should have had all eyes on that sticky rice. Lisa seems a bit frayed. She burnt the rice last week, burnt the Styrofoam container this week, and now cannot get the rice together. She is at that sleep deprivation point where she just is not showing her true colors. She is gritty and too tough but I do think she is a decent chef. She will not be in the final three though -- not a chance.