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Bethenny Frankel opens up about her crush on Dale.

on May 22, 2008

For team Mai Buddha, I do like the short ribs choice. They are one of those foods that is very difficult to screw up, yet they seem decadent, difficult and delicious. I'm craving them now.

Antonia had every right to be panicked about the pasta. Pasta can be temperamental and I would also have wanted a backup.

It's interesting that there was worry and concern over Anthony Bourdain's Asian travels. Many of his shows have been in the bowels of Asia eating rare delicacies. However, I would venture to guess that his palate is so elaborate that anyone should be intimidated by his feedback. That being said, he is also a lover of basic good food. I bet a gastro pub is exactly where he likes to go when he has the day off. Looking good for Team Warehouse.

Dale's avocado cold mess sounds as mucked up as the rest of the convoluted meal. Personalities are conflicting and that kitchen seems to be in disarray.

My teeth hurt thinking about the gritty clams. More often than not, I get sandy seafood and it is terrifying. Sand in spinach, arugala, basil, or any type of seafood can ruin anyone's meal if not day. Those simple things are the scariest parts of being a chef. Be thorough from the foundation before you get all tricked out in caramel sauce.