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Bethenny Frankel opens up about her crush on Dale.

on May 22, 2008

It goes without saying that Warehouse won and Mai Buddha lost. I respect that Lisa took responsibility for her dish, but her being belligerent and never accepting criticism is a fatal flaw for a chef. I am sure Spike made great short ribs, but I can never bring myself to be his cheerleader. Maybe it is because of his weasel nature which he displayed last week by attempting to sabotage the competition. He confirmed my feeling by staying under the radar -- this is a quality I don't admire. Someone correct me, but was Spike the one that told the other teammates that he had cleaned out one of the pantries for the block party (even though he admitted there was still tons of food left there).

I love the interchange between Lisa and Dale that you are only as good as your weakest link, However, I don't agree that you are only as good as your leader. If your leader is failing, pick up the slack and notice the weakness. That is the only way that followers ever become leaders and the reason why Lisa will not lead as top chef.

Dale went home, and he did say love me or hate me. Well Dale, I still love you but I see why you went home. You did fight to the core, but your temper and misdirected passion were your demise. You will be missed, and I don't think anyone should begrudge you for playing it your own way. I would spend my money at your restaurant any day.