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Bethenny Frankel has changed her mind — she nows likes Ariane. Go figure.

on Dec 11, 2008

I'm eating my words. Ariane has stopped whining and she is very likable. Stefan is arrogant, but I haven't seen anything utterly outrageous from him. He doesn't come close to some of the past season's male divas. I loved the game "name that ingredient." This is one challenge I would have been good at. I think that salt, pepper and olive oil should have been ingredients that you weren't allowed to mention since they're a given and a chef's holy trinity. However, those who were smart enough to mention salt and pepper automatically got 2 right. Hosea was a rock star. Stefan was amazing too but didn't cut it. When Stefan called items Thai chili, coriander and basil I said wow. But when Hosea pulled out random items like raisin, I was thrilled he won. He deserved it.

The main theme was cute. Fabio was clever about the ocean theme - Stefan was a jerk about the tomato sorbet and had the gall to call Hosea doucheboy in one of his interviews. Is doucheboy even a word? And Stefan is the doucheboy. Hosea is cute and sweet. However, no one told me that Leah and Hosea were in relationships at home. Ouch. Those significant others aren't going to be happy.

The new team was a hot ass mess. Peach sorbet BBQ sauce, mushy make your own sushi, fried salad cups, and lions and tigers and bears oh my. No one wants to make their own food. Even at Korean BBQ restaurants, after 5 minutes you are annoyed to be cooking on your night out.

If they want Gail to get married 5 times, this meal is appropriate. Otherwise, one nicely done course will do.

The lamb moment was scary, and I have been there. I was going to tell them to quickly put them under the salamander (broiler). Yikes. Ariane pulled it off.