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Bethenny Frankel on why Dale is the man.

on May 15, 2008


Well, it really is coming down to it, and this week showed me that it could be anybody's game. I've loved Dale, Richard, and Stephanie the whole time, and I still do. In fact, Stephanie could be the first female to take this whole competition.

So let's get down to it: the Quickfire. Spike stole this challenge for his first time ever with his interesting spicy beef salad with pineapple and a whole combination of interesting flavors and textures.

Richard's "pun on ceviche" salad was underwhelming at best which really made me nervous. He always stands out, and this showed me that even he can choke. It is crunch time now, and competition and lack of sleep can really affect your game. When I was on The Apprentice, what separated the boys from the men was the ability to survive with no sleep and really catch your stride towards the end of the competition. I'm also getting a little annoyed at Richard having to make his dishes a twist on something else. Sometimes, less is more and classic dishes do work.