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Bethenny Frankel doesn't think Leah's poor performance was due to her kiss with Hosea. Let her explain.

on Jan 23, 2009

The Quickfire was underwhelming this week, but some things were a bit different. Stefan's arrogance was less offensive, and on merits alone, he is the best chef. I wonder how much the judges go on food alone or if they incorporate attitude and ability to work in a team.

I just hosted a culinary event in Utah, and the best chefs are only as good as their staff. A good staff usually doesn't detest their boss. I may be wrong, but it's something to consider.

I loved how Stefan took chicken you know what and made it into chicken salad. His quote was "You fix stuff" and he was damn straight. His desserts were doomed, and he didn't hesitate to make it work. I also think he'd be a great expeditor which was his secondary responsibility. Radhika was working with cement feet. When Fabio said they could serve monkey ass and they would still win because of his charm, he isn't kidding. If the show was called Top Charm, he would win.

I was annoyed that Leah and Radhika were still around because Ariane would have been a great work horse during this task. Also, um Hosea, flirting is winking, giggling, and innuendo. Lying on a bed and making out is called fooling around. That better have been some good kiss because cheating is one thing. Cheating on national television to replay over and over is something that won't be fun once you get home to your partner. Ouch. In their defense, emotions run high during these productions. I was sequestered for two months during The Apprentice and chairs start to look attractive. The bigger picture is obviously your life at home, but more importantly all you sacrifice to be there, then to get distracted by romance. You need all your focus in a competition like this.