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on Nov 26, 2008

What I did like was how the Cougars were great losers. They supported each other, didn't attack each other, and that is really what kitchen teamwork was about. Jeff said the team had a lot of heart which I agreed with. I wished that they had won. Everyone loves the underdog. This was particularly nice since they were the leftovers after Leah picked her team. I didn't like how Daniel gave Team Sexypants the finger when they came back from the concert. He seemed to be the only really bitter one, and he wasn't so strong with his al dente mashed potatoes. I had no idea who was going home but I thought it was going to be Daniel and Richard. I'm so upset to say this, but I have to agree with this difficult decision. Historically, Daniel has been better, and in particular on this episode overall. It broke my heart how he cried, and I am so upset that Team Rainbow is decimated. I miss Richard. Maybe he'll be the Fan Favorite. He was definitely one of mine.