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Bethenny Frankel shares her thoughts on the Reunion.

on Jun 19, 20080


As for last night's episode, I found the chefs to all be a bit understated and significantly cooled off. There was very little drama, and thank god for the video montages which were definitely the highlights.

I had forgotten that Spike and Mark took a "smoked foam" bath, Dale and Richard admired each other's nipples and Spike and Andrew recorded a "vanilla" love rap. I got no gay vibes from any of these players, so I thought it was just a function of the insanity of the situation. Being sequestered with the same people for weeks will make you laugh, cry, drink, and say things you wouldn't otherwise. The "I'm not gay but I'd let him bang me" comment from andrew was definitely a little much, but then again so is Andrew.

Rarely on these shows do you see so many friendships as a result, and I thought that was great. That is what cooking in a kitchen is about: teamwork and camaraderie.

Now to the relationships: Mark got married and Jen and Zoi seemed to have broken up but didn't want to discuss it. They mentioned this with the intensity of Brad and Angelina wanting to keep their relationship private. I totally understand, but it was funny. Frankly, I didn't think their relationship was particularly highlighted on the show, and I certainly didn't think it had any negative or positive bearing on the outcome. Cook your food, play the game, and win or lose. Please don't blame the outcome on the status. No one is buying that.

I'm glad that Spike's cunning personality was highlighted, because as the video showed, it really was a factor. I actually met him at the A-List Awards, and he asked me why I hate him so much. I told him "I don't hate you but you're a bit of a jerk." He actually seemed like a nice guy, and he probably thought that this strategy would work. He was mistaken, and I do believe that even in a competition, maintain integrity. None of his scams ever even helped him.

There was a nightmare section. That is totally plausible. In serious stressful situations, your mind goes crazy and it processes in your sleep. I am a crazy dreamer, and it can be terrifying and have you really ruffled during the day as well. As they mentioned, cooking for iconic chefs is terrifying. I remember years ago when I cooked at an event, and Jeffrey Chodorow was my first customer. I was panicked, and Jeffrey is no Daniel Boulud or Anthony Bourdain -- he's a restaurateur. They're star chefs. My favorite line was that Anthony Bourdain is a culinary assassin. Truer words have never been spoken. He just annihilates anyone (especially chefs with subpar dishes). His kindest words of the season were describing a dish as "baby vomit with wood chips." That alone could make you gag.