Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Split Could Send Their Wine Price Soaring

Now it's collectible.

Angelina Jolie

When the breakup of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie set the world off its axis this week, coverage turned to details like international custody of the kids and dividing a massive real estate empire, including a $75 million winery in France. But what about the wines?

The good news is, if you plunked down 20-something or so dollars for a bottle of Chateau Miraval rosé, you might've made your smartest investment of the year: The novelty value alone could more than double the cost of the most recent $18 to $25 retail value of the popular pink wine.

"Light rosés aren’t capable of aging for decades like a fine Bordeaux or Burgundy," shares Lisa Mattson, a 20-year veteran of the wine industry and author of The Exes in My Glass: How I Refined My Taste in Men & Alcohol. "If a Brangelina fan thinks it’s worth $50 to have a bottle of Miraval rosé from the 2014 or 2015 vintage on their mantle, great. But they should drink [or sell] it in the next two years or don’t bother opening it." 

"Miraval lovers should keep in mind that winemaking is a long-term process. Changes take time," Mattson says, emphasizing that Brangie diehards will still get the authentic pre-breakup flavor they were used to for at least one more wine season. "Dry rosés are released six to eight months after the harvest, and the 2016 harvest is underway now. New owners, if the estate is sold in the next year, wouldn’t be able to make winemaking changes until 2017. Consumers wouldn’t taste those changes until spring or summer 2018."

Wine industry expert Tom Koenigsberg, C.M.O. of Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants, thinks there's value in the Brangelina years, too.

"Brad and Angelina had influence on the flavor profile. The 'cool' factor contributes to increased trial which may be lost if they disassociate their names from the brand. However, the heavy conversation about their divorce may actually be good for new trial in the short term."

While nobody can say for sure what will happen with the famed winery after it is sold, or even if the grapes will be produced and harvested in the same ways, wine industry experts tend to agree that the short-term value of these summery rosé wines is bound to be better than blue chip stocks for now. But like Mattson said, rosés don't age particularly well — which you might say is so very apropos of Hollywood culture — so it's best to enjoy sooner rather than later.

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