Breaking Bread with ...

Gail Simmons warns about the problems teams face without a leader.

Mar 24, 2008


It was Erik's corn dogs that really had it coming. Delicious in theory and a family favorite for sure, corn dogs -- as Erik himself acknowledged before they left the Top Chef kitchen -- would undoubtedly get soggy during transit. Now, we all know that practically anything, with the possible exception of an old shoe, tastes great three minutes out of the deep fryer. Erik obviously knew it, and I am quite certain if one other person on his team had stopped to think about it they would have known it too. He told the camera in no uncertain terms that this was a possibility, but he never told anyone else. Or if he did, no one on his team had the insight to deal with it. Were they trying to get him kicked off too? If so, it worked. It should have come as no surprise either when the judges tore those poor little corn dogs apart!

Tonight's moral comes up time and again in team challenges on Top Chef. No matter what the circumstance, every kitchen needs a chef. A designated leader creates structure and direction, which results in quality control. Let's hope in the weeks to come our chefs spend less time high-fiving and more time communicating.