Breaking Bread with ...

The guest judge explains why he was a little tougher on Fabio.

Jan 29, 2009 Let's start with the Quickfire: What was the key to being successful in the Quickfire challenge with the oats?
I think the key was to use the oats as an element of the dish, not as a major component. In other words, the most successful of the dishes were the ones where the oats acted as a flavoring agent in a subtle manner. In some of the other less successful dishes, the oats played too large a role, especially, if they were not used properly. Which dishes stood out to you (for better or worse?)
That banana parfait was so well thought-out and delicious, but at the same time it was simple and thoughtful. I could have done without the rose though.... Do you watch <em>Top Chef</em> regularly? Who have been your favorite competitors?
Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time for television. But having met some of the more popular contestants during the shoot and seeing what they have to go through, I have a huge respect for anyone who puts themselves through that rigor. As a NYC chef, what does it mean to have <em>Top Chef</em> in New York this season?
It's great for the city, and it always fun to see the NY shots. For those of us in NYC, I think we can be admittedly self-absorbed. That being said, its about time we got our "shout out."