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The guest judge explains why he was a little tougher on Fabio.

Jan 29, 20090 Onto the Elimination: What were some important things to remember when creating a successful Super Bowl-style dish?
The key was finding a balance between what someone expects from a Super Bowl "dish" and also being able to showcase your particular style. Overall it was impressive and lots of fun. Which dishes stood out to you for better or for worse?
The best dish of the day was definitely Carla's "gumbo." It was a dish that was unique in the way it was done considering the cooking time. Also, as for the less than positive dishes, I really think Fabio was capable of far more. And I still think that. That's why I was a little tough on him. Why did the eliminated chef go home instead of the other two in the bottom?
Ultimately, it came down to the overall reaction from the judges and the audience. Jeff's dish had the most negative response from the most people. How can people learn more about your food, etc?
I have two restaurants called Scarpetta, one in NYC and one in Miami Beach at the Fontainebleau, and I'm also working a few new projects. I have a couple cookbooks out called <em>New Italian</em> and <em>Bold Italian,</em> and two Web sites: <a href=""></a> and <a href=""> </a>

Kaci Jones
Kaci Jones

i loved the football challenge!!


For all of you who are upset with Scott Conant: give me a break. He was tough because he needed to be. Scott is one of the most talented chefs and restaurateurs in the country. And yes, he knows it. That's a good thing. He's confident. Fabio is not there yet, and he is capable of better cooking. Scott knows this and pushed Fabio for more. Plus, Conant is entertaining. That is also what makes for a great judge! So before you dis Scott too much, realize that he is talented and entertaining and has every right to be a tough critic in this domain.