Breaking Bread with ...

Restaurant Wars' guest judge Stephen Starr tells us why he actually preferred the losing team's food.

Jan 21, 2009 You participated in our Taste of NY event at the beginning of the season as well. What does Top Chef being in New York mean for the NY restaurant business?
It sends electricity through the kitchens and the chefs and cooks get inspired by a program like this in their city. Start with the Quickfire first: What was the key to providing a successful tasting for you?
I was looking for a unique flavor profile that wasn't just a rehash of things I've had a million times before. The presentation of the dishes came second. Which dishes stood out to you the most (for better or worse)?
Radhika's dish was the best. Fabio's dish was the worst. For Restaurant Wars, what were your first impressions when you walked into each restaurant?
As a restaurateur, I was impressed that with such short notice they pulled off something even close to a real restaurant experience. Honestly, what did you think of the names of the restaurants? (Sahana and Sunset Lounge)?

I liked Sahana but I didn't like Sunset Lounge. It sounded like you've heard it a millions times, or as the title of an Eagles song.