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Guest Judge Wilo Benet predicts the Top Chef winner.

Jun 4, 2008 How close was the call between Lisa or Antonia going home?
I felt there was a clear distance between them greatly attributed to the undercooking of the pigeon peas and the lack of a cleaner presentation on the following dishes. Conceptually I liked how Antonia wanted to somewhat implode to reconstruct the concept used locally of everything in the same plate but in the end she was not able to bring a great conceptual idea to the plate this time. Did you have a prediction at that point as to who will be crowned Top Chef?
I think Richard will be the winner -- to me he is clearly out of the contestants the one with the greater amount of experience conceptual, clarity, and developed technique as well as flavor accuracy by a significant margin. Anything else you'd like to add? And where can people learn more about you/your cuisine?
Thanks for having me on your show.I truly loved your show format even more after having participated as a judge and first hand having contact with Tom, Padma, and the participants. It is truly reality TV. Serious foodies should give PR a try since our gastronomic offer local or international is a great one from traditional roasted pig to more elaborate contemporary renditions.

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