Brian Malarkey

In this week's power ranking, Brian Malarkey replaces Fabio.

on Dec 18, 2008

The judges that stole Christmas! How could they not send someone home last night with all of the "disappointing" food they complained about? I want my Christmas Spam! Someone put a fork in Gene because he is so done; he was almost begging the judges to send him home so he could enjoy the imaginary holiday in Hawaii. I don't want to ruin anyone's Christmas or more PC holiday but there is no Santa and these poor chefs should be getting their SAG cards because of all the acting they are doing on this episode. This episode was shot four or five months ago in a very sunny NYC (check out the shorts some of the contestants are wearing). How hard is it to listen to Christmas music for the entire month of December let alone listen to it in the middle of the summer? Although the Harlem Gospel Singers were amazing! It's no wonder the food is so confused and not on point; these chefs are completely turned ass backwards. How are they expected to pretend to cook comfort holiday food for the frigid Martha Stewart? I felt the chill when she walked into the room. How hard it must have been to prepare the food for the amfAR event when there wasn't a butternut squash to be found in the state of New York. I ask you Tom Colicchio and you Michelle Bernstein to step off your soap box, come around that Judges' Table and you pull on your aprons and cook the contestants a summer feast this Christmas. You DIG?

Oh that was fun and I love Tom; I was just venting! On my season we had an episode where no one was sent home but that was because our two teams supposedly tied in the Restaurant Wars (we definitely won). This episode definitely had some losers who made some awful food and I really don't get why they decided to keep everyone and not trim some of the fat. Your responses to last week's blog has most of us on the same page as to who will be in the finals. I didn't see anyone who picked Eugene or Melissa to go all the way and there they were on the bottom once again. So let's make a move and send someone home.