Brian Malarkey

In this week's power ranking, Brian Malarkey replaces Fabio.

on Dec 18, 2008

Tom keeps telling us how average the food was on this episode and how the contestants are playing it safe and how "Deviled Eggs" are not going to get you anywhere on Top Chef. The fact is Tom and the other judges are telling the contestants that is exactly what they are looking for by constantly rewarding Ariane with victories for making the simplest and safest food. Let's trace it back to tomato and watermelon on the morning show, turkey to the Foos, lamb to the ladies, and cauliflower to Martha. All of the chefs are trying to figure the game that is Top Chef out and the judges are completely confusing them.

Now last week we picked the chefs we thought would make it to the finals. This week lets pick who is going to get sent packing next time. I read Andy Cohen's blog and he mentioned that two chefs will be sent home next time, so let's pick them.

I say: Melissa and Eugene

Malarkey Ranking Sweet and Simple:

1. Hosea: Takes the top spot from Fabio who is struggling.

2. Fabio: I still think he is going to get back on track and I loved the fact that his grandmother is cussing Martha Stewart.

3. Stefan: He's really good, a handful yes, but really good.

4. Jeff: Crazy salad with lots of ingredients, reminds me of myself.