Brian Malarkey

Brian Malarkey power ranks all the competition football-style.

on Apr 21, 2008

5/5 Andrew - "Playing to Win": I love the helmet and the passion, He's more a mascot than a player in this game.

6/3 Jennifer - "Win It for Zoi": That was not tailgating food.

7/3 Mark - "Blowing the Lead": A huge fall in the rankings -- his station was a disaster and the food appeared to be the same. If he can't get it together, the hot-tubbing parties with Spike are going to be distant memories.

8/10 Spike - All the beer tastes the same to you? When did the Bears win the last Super Bowl? He was lucky the Bears fans didn't kick his ass! Come on Spike and show us what you got! Play like it's the last game of your life, it very well could be ...

9/11 Lisa - "Last Player Picked": I hope they don't have another team challenge because I don't think the other players want to work with you.

10/ 9 Nikki - "Fumble": She got so lucky. All bets off!

Ryan - I admire the fact that he went for it and put himself out there. No way he should have gone home -- it was Nikki's time again and some how she slipped through. Good luck! The hot-tubbing was hilarious. It gets so boring in the house you gotta do what you gotta do! Next week's looks LAME! Lets get to cooking and skip out on the drama class ...

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Go San Diego Super Chargers!