Brian Malarkey

Season 3's Brian Malarkey uses his less than scientific methods to gauge who's top taco.

on Mar 27, 2008

4/3 Dale - "Speak Up or Get Out": Letting too many people tell you what to do. You have mad skills but if you don't step forward you represent a Top Cook not a Top Chef! brian_403_04_320x240.jpg

5/2 Andrew - "Call Security": You keep telling us all what an entertainer you are but all I'm getting is one of the Three Stooges. You smell success but I say "Malarkey" .... The duck taco sounded reallly good .... Less lip, more action!

6/5 Jennifer - "Stand Alone": Time to realize you're in a solo competition. This is going to be hard enough without packing Zoi.


7/11 Manuel

8/7 - Antonia "Personality?": I think we saw a little this week but not too much. The Casey strategy?