Brian Malarkey

Brian Malarkey power ranks the remaining contestants and makes a suggestion for a future Top Chefthrowdown.

on Jan 22, 2009

Finally I get to return to some sanity after my week with the Real Housewives of OC. In cased you missed it and you watch Bravo for the competitive, entertaining, and almost classy Top Chef (except for the Hosea and Leah hook-up) you probably did, but if you love all things Bravo you know I was in the middle of the "Naked Drunk" episode last week. I really wasn't and am still not much of a fan of the Housewives of OC but I had a great time watching my team and I cook our own menu on our own time in our own way. Minus the tequila frenzy of emotionally unstable plastic ladies the show was a blast. Ouch!

WANTED: The Real Housewives of Orange County or Southern California who are interested in a phenomenal dinner party paired with great wines, look me up and let's plan it: Had to put it out there ...

Restaurant Wars has always been one of my favorite episodes every season and this season delivers on several levels. You can't get a better judge for a restaurant challenge than Stephen Starr who has some of the best concepts on the planet. I remember this as being the longest of several long days. It's impossible to open a restaurant from concept, to menu, to service, ambiance, timing, and most importantly personality in this short of a time period and be proud of it. You always know that everyone is going to go down in some way or another and we had no exceptions. Oh yes we did -- the "Sarcastic Cooking European Stefan" pulled it off again and won it for his team. Stefan had it right when he said Leah should pick her team for business and not friendship or clustered emotional isolated confusion.

The Quickfire looked like a good time. How often to you get to design an entire concept around a dish? Leah and Radhika put out some food that Stephen Starr saw potential in and that was the biggest compliment either of them have probably had thus far in their careers. Take note future restaurateurs when he said that global cuisine was emerging as the concept of tomorrow. I did.