Brian Malarkey

Brian Malarkey challenges his readers to pick the final four.

on Dec 10, 2008

Gail found LOVE! Stefan wants some lesbian LOVE, Leah and Hosea are dabbling in friendly LOVE! We are starting to LOVE Ariane but Tom and the judges had no LOVE lost for Daniel who LOVES crazy eyes and silly faces. Oh yes one more: It seems after your responses last week that nobody loves Kathie Lee!

I challenge you as readers to pick the final four right now. Let's go -- send in your picks and let's see who's got game. To make it a little more interesting let's get some friendly online bets to see who Martha Stewart is going to ship off to solitary confinement next week. (OK -- no bets.)

My choices to make the finals:

Fabio: The Charmer!

Stefan: The Ice Man!

Jamie: The Pot o' Gold at the end of the Rainbow!

Hosea: The Palate! Gone next week: Melissa: The Hat!

Now on to the Malarkey Power Ranking:

Fabio: Obviously I'm not changing my picks by weekly performances. I believe he has all the skills to go all the way. This week we saw him get stuck in the blue with a few fatal errors: Chilean Sea bass in this country is a "no should do" and being on a team without a lot of input didn't help. We saw him on the bottom for the first time and obviously he was none to happy. I look for a huge step back to the top for him in the coming episodes.

Stefan: I have to admit I'm starting to enjoy the confidence that he is bathed in. This guy is so sure of himself he is trying to talk Jamie into switching teams, and he went eight ingredients deep on the Palate Challenge. The terrine looked great and the balsamic should have given it plenty of flavors. The tougher the challenge the more he likes it!