Brian Malarkey

Brian Malarkey challenges his readers to pick the final four.

on Dec 10, 2008

Jamie: A constant at the top and very competitive. She's got to figure out that the protein gets the judges' attention rather then the accompaniments.

Hosea: When you got a dome to match the head judge's, life ain't so bad. He stands up to Stefan and has a great palate -- what's not to like?

Jeff: Has a great week with his sorbet that Stefan told him could not be done. I really thought he had the win and by the disappointment on his face so did he. I'm still confused by the dueling watches; that's very Ilan Hall.

Ariane: A huge step up this week with her second win in a row. I thought last week she did great and was in her element with the TV challenge but this week proves once again she is ready and willing to be a major player by taking the main focus of her team's dish -- "the lamb." She is so sweet she apologizes for winning; my, we have some great contrast in our chefs.

Radhika: She showed her native dishes with great pride and helped bring Ariane the win. From the seafood guy to the Indian girl: "Watch out -- they are going to come after you."

Leah: She really took a dive in my ranking this week because she showed so little on the Blue team. Had some great early success and needs to get back in the game. Carla: HOODY HOO! So cute, kind of weird, but very cute! I loved her comment when Daniel tried telling her he wanted to do pickles "Pickles are new?" She didn't stand up to her team as they crashed all around her. Sweet lady but not made to last much longer.