Brian Malarkey

The Season 3 contestant breaks down this season's chefs.

on Nov 12, 2008

A thrilling way to kick off the new season with one very unlucky contestant getting sent home before she even got a chance to check out the fancy digs and gunny sacks Top Chef coats.

The CIA crew is sent home in the first episode. I'm sure it's a great school but the graduates are commonly as vain as Stefan the Finish Vinaigrette Fiend.

1. Stefan: Mad skills and the attitude to turn the viewers off. He's in a league of his own so far and its going to take someone else to really step it up to knock him out. Padma mentions that in every season except one the contestant who wins the first elimination has gone on to win the title of Top Chef. It looks as if the trend will continue and I believe Tre (who won the first elimination on my season) would have made a great Top Chef. He was and is much more Chef-like then the eventual winner Hung. Unless we see a bad decision by the judges or a complete meltdown it looks as if we are going to be cheering for Fan Favorite and our Finnish friend has no chance at that.

2. Hosea: Very cool and great looking dish to start the competition. It's so easy to like this guy and his Mountain High Mojo.

3. Eugene: From the land of Aloha, no Fancy CIA certificate hanging on his wall but a heart of Marsala Gold. One knock: may be lacking the swagger and confidence it takes to Malarkey his way through this game.

4. Alex: Nice dish and not a lot of camera time. This in the land of Top Chef says he will be around for awhile.

5. Leah: She appears to have some skills but this season does not have dominating women like Stephanie of Chicago. She should be a fun one to root for as she is very emotional and like her mom said, "Don't Cry on TV."

6. Daniel: Long Island Wise Guy Attitude is great for Top Chef and he looks to be heading into a tangle with the vain vinaigrette fool Stefan.