Brian Malarkey

The Season 3 contestant breaks down this season's chefs.

on Nov 12, 2008

\7. Richard: My hometown boy is such a "bear" and a great team player. He misses with his lamb slider but kills it with the line of the week -- no, I take that back he had two great lines: "Tom is cute, I'd buy him a drink. Hell I'd buy him three" and "I've got to see what Padma's wearing because I've got some queens back home who are dying to know."

8. Jeff: I can't knock him for having timing issues, as I crashed on the first elimination challenge by getting a little too ambitious. I bet he wishes he could take back the pretty boy label he just gave HIMSELF. He's got luck with him so far because he blew his first elimination dish but was up against Fabio who flailed.

9. Melissa: Our second cheftestant from the Rocky Mountain High played it smooth so far...

10. Fabio: I expect better things to come -- he needs to start cooking better and lose the attitude. It's one thing if you are cocky like Stefan and you can back it up but if you talk a mad game and your dish gets clowned you better look around.

11. Jill: She killed it with the Rasta sauces! Looked like '80s hotel food but if you were playing Puff Puff pass, you had to have choked on your bong water.

12. Jamie: "Rainbow Girl" - was very focused and kept her cards close to her chest, not much to read into.

13. Carla: May spirit guides help you along the path but my spirit guides tells me "a caterer has no chance in this competition."

14. Radhika: If it's going to take her 20 minutes to get her knives out of bag and get ready to go, then she better spend the next 20 minutes and "Pack your knives and GO!"

15. Adriane: She sealed her fate when she told Tom and the judges that she didn't need to go into the city to learn about food -- she could just look it up in a book. It's a harsh competition and she should enjoy the rest of the competition with her family at home on her couch.

Best of luck to Patrick - so well-spoken and well-liked by all of the other chefs. I'm sure he will have a great career and "one day be a Top Chef"

To Lauren, it's a game and it does not define you. May your husband return home safe from Iraq and one day you will enjoy this whole thing with a big laugh.

I just call it like I see it, I'm not trying to be mean and I don't know what happens behind the scenes, just giving my opinion. What's yours? Cheers!