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No Artificial Sweetness!

#blog-the-dish .collection-menu {top:-206px;} And our new Top Chef is Michael V.! Wrapping up an incredible season with star studded power. The final three competitors are the most talented chefs ever assembled on Top Chef, and what a great ri...
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Finally, the Finale

#blog-the-dish .collection-menu {top:-206px;} What a great episode of Top Chef in the picturesque fall setting of Napa Valley. All of our finalist look well rested and they have all gone through the transformation of great local chefs to nati...
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Just Say No to Paper Hats!

#blog-the-dish .collection-menu {top:-206px;} This episode lived up to the hype as the hardest competition ever on Top Chef! Cooking for Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller at the same time would be enough to make you “freak out”, but when you are...
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Getting Healthy in Bed with Padma

#blog-the-dish .collection-menu {top:-206px;} Padma has been getting breakfast served to her by the cheftestants for several season now, and it’s always an interesting scenario. Once again our producer friends at Top Chef keep us as chefs and ...
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Eat Your Vegetables or Join the Dark Side

#blog-the-dish .collection-menu {top:-206px;} I’m not a vegetarian and I don’t want to be a vegetarian but I learned a lot watching our chefs cook vegetarian food tonight. The lesson I have learned time and time again, but must constantly remi...
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Save Restaurant Wars!

#blog-the-dish .collection-menu {top:-206px;} This episode was all about sustainability, and I am a huge fan of Rick Moonen and all that he's does for the movement. As a seafood chef, I follow the guidelines, except I still have to wean myself...
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Dances with Pigs

#blog-the-dish .collection-menu {top:-206px;} The pig and pinot episode brings up some great questions for us who are trying to enjoy all the flavors of life and still maintain a healthy approach to our body fuel. It's true that pork is a grea...
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